Friday, November 2, 2012

When a baby is born, a mom is born.

"When a baby is born, a mom is born."

I heard this quote on TV the other day.  I think it is so sweet. That must be such a magical moment.  Like no other.

When I took this photo I asked the family if they could just take the pictures and I just wanted to hold her:) She was the teeniest, sweetest little thing! I was really nervous going to take these pictures. I hadn't really taken pictures of such a teeny baby and I was afraid to move her all around. But, it was so much fun!


  1. she is adorable and you did a great work :) I felt that a mother was born at my niece's birth, my sister's priorities in life changed that day. she is more grown up than I am. I'm a cat's mom. there is no comparison possible. xxo

  2. She is absolutely precious, Christian, and this photograph is so very beautiful.

  3. What a tiny little bundle of preciousness.


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