Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pretending to Be Tall

I like to see what I'd look like tall. I always wished I could be tall, but I'm okay with it now :) I had so much fun this day. Hanging around at the park on a very teeny picnic blanket. I remembered it being big, but when I brought it out of the car and layed it out, it was very small! My boyfriend Steve and I each had half our bodies on it. It was still so relaxing. I did cartwheels in a skirt trying to get  fun self portraits. I hope nobody minded. o_0 This is our fun. We like a quiet place in nature. We wish for a ranch or a home on lots of land someday.  With lots of pets!
I'm glad I have someone who I can do these simple things with and have a great time. ♥

Pretending to be tall.
This is the book I keep trying to read and can't finish. Maybe someday.

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