Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm in Love....

.....with yoga!

I'm a total beginner and I'm hooked. I went for two weeks almost every day. I haven't gone for four days and I miss it so much! It ain't cheap either, but I have to find a way to do it. I'll promise them my unborn child, ha! JOKING! But, I feel so great when I go.  I have tons of aches and pains and I can tell it's helping. I have to really push myself to go to the gym (which I don't do too well) and don't end up going hardly ever and with yoga I look forward to it. Sometimes it's not easy, but I always know there's a rest time coming up soon. Child's pose!! I can't wait until I've been going for a while and to see the changes in my body.

This is how I feel after ;)

Completely relaxed...

I'm loving this song right now


  1. I understand just what you mean about Yoga, Christian.
    It really does make your body (and mind!) feel wonderful.
    Love this shot!

  2. It feels good to work hard and then "play dead" at the end. I look forward to Shivasana. Do they play the singing bowl? Google it and listen to it. I know you'd love it! We have to take a class together one day. :)
    Namaste~ jeniflower <3


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