Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Fear Conquered

I recently photographed my first wedding on my own. I've assisted many times for my dear friend Melissa, but always vowed never to go it alone. I was too terrified. But I took the plunge. I learned lots of lessons if I should do one again, but in the end it was actually fun! The bride and groom were the most gorgeous two people I've seen.  She was so beautiful and graceful and so easy to photograph. She was so nervous and it was adorable. She hadn't seen the groom and as her mother pinned on her veil, she snuck a peek out the window to the wedding isle where her groom was waiting. I could see in that moment her nerves calm and all she saw was him waiting for her. She was peaceful in that moment. It was beautiful. This has to be my favorite shot from the day. Nothing posed, completely natural. 

I conquered a fear that day and was witness to the beauty of the love these two shared. 


  1. yay!!! congratulations!!! you did it!!! ♥ so proud of you!

  2. somehow I missed this until now! You are great! Love u!

  3. Oh my you did a truly wonderful job. job. Well done!


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