Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Beautiful Poem by Paula J. Lambert

I came upon this pretty poem through Tweetspeak Poetry. I love this site and get a new poem sent to my inbox every day through their Every Day Poems section. Just another way to add a bit of beauty to my day in this hamster wheel called life. :)

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses today! I know I need it.

After the rain.

A Thousand Rumis 

The blue-white sparkle of sunlight
on snow—it's like that. Too much
to take in, too achingly beautiful.
Like starlight: sharp. You shield your eyes
against what is most wonderful,
hide from what hurts. It all hurts.

Better to be blind and deaf
and dumb to it all. No hands,
no face, no way to love.

Still, stumps and wounds, weary,
you would take in more than
a thousand Rumis could sing in chorus,
need to protect yourself from the wonder
of so much beauty in this lost world.

I'm sorry, and sorry, and sorry
for what you must bear, and still,
there is this: you must.

— Paula J. Lambert

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  1. It is indeed beautiful, Christian, and such a perfect photograph to go with it.


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