Wednesday, September 5, 2012



I don't have a broken bone, so you can't see it.
I don't have bruises, cuts, a limp so I seem perfectly fine.
What ails me is invisible. I carry it with my, like a dark cloud tied to my wrist.

Floating above me. Mostly high up or behind me so I don't see it or feel it so bad.
Sometimes floating right in front of me so I can't see anything but it.
Blotting out all the good things. The many, many good things that surround me.
Turning beautiful things ugly, turning talents into struggles.
Robbing me of valuable things - joy, energy, fun.
Making mountains out of molehills.

I know it will float up again and I will recognize the joyfullness in my life again.
I have to remember that dark clouds always have "silver linings."
I know that with time and perserverance I have the power to untie that string.

(Sorry not too touchy feely today, but I know there those of you who can relate to this.
A lot of people struggle with depression or anxiety or some other form of mental illness,
but since it's not a physically evident, they feel like they are not understood.)

Footprints in the Sand

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  1. sweetheart, you're not alone. and you have the wisdom in you to find joy again. don't search for it, let life flow. xxo



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