Thursday, August 9, 2012

Look On The Bright Side.

I had a frustraing day the other day, photography-wise. I took some family photos of my cousin's GORGEOUS family. Nearly all the group shots turned out unsharp and out of focus (and not in an artsy "I did that on purpose" sort of way). I asked myself, "was it my camera, my lens... me????" I kept thinking, "Why am I still making these mistakes?" I was so frustrated. I still am. I just hope I can learn from it. (Even though I don't know what caused it, because I'm too stressed out to even pick my camera up!)

I let it bug me so bad I didn't let myself enjoy the short amount of time I got to spend with my cousin, her husband and their beautiful little children who live in Colorado. I forgot the important stuff. Well I'll get to hug on them this Saturday, so that makes me feel better.
The bright side:
1.  I did get to hug my sweet nieces and nephews if only for a while and see their beaming beautiful smiles.
2.  I am actually shooting my first (very small and not as an assistant) wedding in September and had this not happened, I would not have known the issues with my camera (or me) and would have shot said wedding and may have been in deep trouble!

I think it's time to sew for a while ;) Oh and P.S. To make myself feel better I went and ordered a newer better camera! I really have needed a new camera for a while anyway :p (That's what I'll tell myself as I pay it off!)

Imperfect or not, I love this photo of my niece and nephew!

Also, please visit Ana at Wonderland as she was so sweet to interview me for her Flickr group, Earth Wonders.
Her blog is beautiful and the Flickr Group has so many beautiful photos in there.


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  1. I love that photo. Good luck with the wedding photos and new camera. B

  2. Beautiful photo... Way to go, New camera!!

  3. I imagine the photos were not as bad as you describe. The one above is so cute. Good luck with your new camera! :)

  4. I love this shot! it's perfect :) it tells a story!

    yay for the wedding!
    yay for the new better camera!!

    thanks for linking my blog sweetie.
    you're a dear friend of heart.


  5. An absolutely sweet pic! I love the tones/colors here.


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