Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Mr. Steinbeck
This photo to me represents a feeling. A feeling of calm, focus, relaxation. My mind wanders a bit, but is not scattered. I believe there is a difference between my mind wandering about and when it is scattered. Unfortunately it is usually the latter. Too many thoughts and worries fluttering about. Ideas of things I want to do that I can’t seem to reach and grasp in the right order. Things I need to do that get put aside because I can prioritize my thoughts. So I tend to shut down in a way. Giving up on what brings me joy because of my scattered brain. There must be a remedy. I wish I could figure it out.

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  1. Unfortunately for me, it is usually the latter also. :-(
    But when it's not, it is truly wonderful!
    Love this shot.

  2. I feel like I'm in very much the same place these days. And it's very true; wandering and scattered are two very different things. I hope you get more centered and feel less scattered soon! And thanks so much for joining in!

  3. I believe it's the way of the world. So much coming at us each day that we can't control.

    Lovely shot, Christian. :)


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