Monday, July 9, 2012


I long to be a morning person. I want to enjoy that untroubled quiet time before the world gets so loud, I can't hear my own thoughts. Hear the the birds chirp their morning hellos.  Soak in the soft window light and the cool untouched air.  Calm myself to prepare for a day of chaos. Maybe then I can carry that peace with me throughout the day.
Morning Light

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  1. and you definitely woke up early :) hope you have a peaceful day sweetie. xxo

  2. Pretty thought and picture! Wishing you some peaceful mornings. :)

  3. I'm a morning person. The drawback is that I go to bed early every night. It's worth it though :-)

  4. Just commit to it! I love walking in the morning. I got to go to some mountains in Colorado last week and went on several sunrise hikes. I was surprised at how awake I was even though I didn't get much sleep. It was totally worth it.

  5. Hello Christian! Thank you for visiting my blog! I have the same wish, but for now, I am still a night person ... I love the peacefulness darkness offers and the thought that a lot of people are already asleep when I am writing or working on creative projects ... But I also love the beauty of sunrises, the feeling of fresh morning air, the thought that people are still asleep when I'd be photographing or having a cup of tea, while enjoying the early hours of the day and seeing the world awaken ... It would be better for my health, so I am working on it, step by step, day by day ...


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