Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beauty and the Beast and a Giveaway!!

I was strolling through Belmont Shore, CA and came upon the most adorable sight I ever did see!  I always find lovely things and sights when I go to Belmont Shore.  This dainty little beauty and this big wrinkly ol' beast were in awe of each other.  I almost passed out from cuteness! Things like this just make my day!    Just to show you that there's beauty every day to be found.

p.s. Ana from Wonderland and I are having a GIVEAWAY on our blog Sixty-Two.  Please stop by and show us some love and you could win a free photo print or digital download of one of my photos : )

wonderland by anaeugenio
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Beauty and the Beast


  1. This is wonderful ... all the folds in the dog and the little girl's legs.

  2. That is such an amazingly sweet picture!!

  3. Such an adorable moment you captured!! Too cute! :)


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