Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!!!

It's been so long since I've participated in Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday and oh how I've missed it! 
Make sure you stop over there and check out her amazing blog and all the lovely submissions this week. You'll be happy you did ;)

This week's prompts are Rainbow, Fluffy, Letters, Metal and Tree(s).

I saw and got to pet this sweet boy on my vacation earlier this month at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. 
The sweetest baby with his Rainbow hat! I'm just now seeing the bark collar and the weird thing wrapped around his legs :(

I bet this sweet lost lamb was once fluffy and a sweet child's companion.
A Little Lost Friend

I love this antique typewriter.  Would have loved to click the letters and heard each letter hit the page.

On the beach on the Outer Banks.  Metal (and some wood;)
Flip Flops

This turtle's nest was tucked quietly under this tree in North Carolina.  
I wish I would have seen the little babies.  I did get to see the grown up turtles swimming in the nearby pond though!
Turtle Nest


  1. Love your letter shot, and rainbow is adorable!

  2. I love that metal picture! The poor lost lamb makes my heart break for that little kid!

  3. That antique typewriter is a great find! How nice that someone put that note around the lamb. That's so sad.....and sweet

  4. Love the typewriter! My youngest (he's actually 7) still sleeps with a stuffed lamb, so I'm sure someone is missing the one in your picture.

  5. Great shots:-) Love "metal"..... awww the poor lost lamb.

  6. What a great set. That little lamb looked very well loved and was probably once very fluffy.
    My favorite shot, Letters, I love those old typewriters and have actually typed on one.

  7. What a great set - I'm really liking your first shot.

  8. Your wood pier with the flipflops is a story teller.... old typewriters are such fun to photograph.

  9. Awwwww, I love your dog! So adorable! Great set!

  10. That rainbow hat is adorable Christian! I sure hope someone came along to untangle the poor fella.
    Great series of images for the prompts. LOVE the typewriter!
    Have a wonderful day!


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