Thursday, March 29, 2012


Oh I just want a farm! A small one mind you....I'd like to have some relaxation time!
Couldn't you just imagine these little guys trotting around and little chickens cluckin' along.  So sweet!!!
I'd sit on a rocking chair on the porch and drink iced tea and read all the day long!

Cuddling Goats
Baby Goat
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  1. Absolutely! Thats why I love driving around Lancaster so much. All the farms and clothes on the lines blowing in the breeze! Oh to dream!

    1. Lancaster, PA. I live in Hellam which is right over the Susquehanna River from lots of Amish country!

  2. Oh, aren't they adorable! Of course, you would be hiring someone to do the chores, I imagine, while you sip your tea! :) Lol.

  3. Great photos. i just love them. i have two goats, and they never lay still for pictures. They come running the minute they see me. i always wonder how folks get such nice laid back goat pictures. :)

  4. They are very sweet. Great photos - nice clarity!

  5. Lovely shots of these goats.


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