Friday, February 10, 2012

How My Boyfriend Made Me Cry.....(in a happy way;)

Two young streams flowing side by side, making their way through the wild, cross paths

Joining together for a brief moment, only to be split in two by the wicked terrain

Each continuing their journey with a piece of one another
Each moving forward, fighting the obstacles that try to halt and block their progression
Each clinging to a memory of what it was like to be whole

Both continue to grow... in size and in spirit, but each left to wonder what could have been

Over time, and without knowledge of it, the two streams worked their way back to each other

Again flowing side by side, growing in speed and in strength

Finally they merged once more, forming a raging river with unequaled power, left to carve it's way through the world, overtaking anything that stands in it's way.

Whole Again.
~ S. Maier

Shoe Love

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