Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Through his eyes.

Through his eyes. by Eskimo Kiss Photography

The simplest things are fun, when I'm with him. We walked in a park near my home the other day. One we've driven by hundreds of times, but never took the time to go inside. It's right off a very busy freeway. I live in Long Beach, CA which is needless to say not very quiet or full of nature. Except the beach and that's filled with oil rigs. We parked and walked through the gate. It's literally like we stepped into another place. It was so peaceful, quite and beautiful! There were lots of trails, ponds and packed full of trees. You would never guess we were just by the freeway. Families were wandering around. Photographers taking family Christmas photos. It was a nice and much needed escape.


  1. so happy you've a little bit of paradise near your home :) xxo


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