Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!!

 Yay! I made it! Scavenger Hunt Sunday!! I missed the last two weeks I think and I've missed it:( This weeks prompts are: Fur Babies/Babies Sleeping, Window, Half, What Is It and Joy. Visit Ashly at Ramblings and Photos and check out her lovely photos and all of the great submissions!

 A Sweet Baby Sleeping. What could be more beautiful?

Window. Do it again Daddy!!

Half. The sweetest boy sleeping at our family Christmas dinner. My cousin's dog, Joey.

What is it?  Can you guess. I know, so hard...... ;)

Joy. What could be more joyful? I don't know.


  1. AHHH! That is such a great picture of Joey. I hope you sent it to Megan. :) Sorry I missed the party again. It is just so hard for me to take that much time off during the holidays.

  2. love all your hunt but the 'window' shot is truly amazing! wow! congrats sweetie :) xxo

  3. LOVE your POVs on all of your shots! Lovely set!

  4. Love all of the shots, especially like the bokeh in the What is it shot, well done!

  5. Love your window shot - how fun. Also love your last shot.

  6. I really like all these! Cute pup, and awesome "window" shot - aside from the flying child, that house has a lot of character!

  7. your window shot cracks me up! kids love being thrown up in the air! why is that? what a pretty baby! so sweet... have a wonderful holiday....


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