Friday, November 18, 2011

Daddy's Hat

One of the few things I have left of my dad's is his hat. This is so "him." I have it perched on a nail on my wall to see. This and a dream catcher he made. I started keeping a journal just before he passed away. I was reading it recently. I wrote down as I thought of them, my best memories of my daddy.

He would test my "boy-crazyness" by tickling just above my knee. If I giggled, I was boy crazy. I held in those giggles as hard as I could. It was hard.

Snuggling up watching our best shows together. Inspector Gadget and Golden Girls.....

Waking up on Christmas morning to my brand new Strawberry Shortcake bike - pink of course! He later saved me from the monster of a rose bush that I tipped over into on that bike!

His scratchy face tickling mine when he tucked me into bed.

Hearing him play the drums and his harmonica. He was a musician and loved the blues.

His feet. We have the very same feet.

I have endless happy memories of my dad. I write them down as to never forget.

My Daddy's Hat



  1. Oh Christian~what a blessing this post was for me. I lost my Dad 13 years ago to brain cancer, he was 53. I, too, don't have much of his, but I do have his 2 cowboy hats, which I cherish. I photographed my boys in his hats when they were little. He also loved music and played guitar. We have these memories in common.
    Blessings to you~

  2. I have a pair of my grandpa's socks that are mixed in with mine. I'm not really sure how I ended up with his socks but whenever I root through my drawer and I happen upon them, it brings back memories. And the memories are the best ones when it comes to him. Love your idea of photographing the hat.

  3. Oh Christian - I love this. I love the memories, love the hat. I feel almost as if I've met your dad, reading this post...

  4. What a beautiful post this is Christian, and what wonderful memories you have! I still have my Dad's hats also, as well as many other things that belonged to him. One of them looks just like this!

  5. I came here from Kelly's blog. Just wanted to say I love the clean look of your blog and the title of it.

  6. Hi Christian...I've wandered over here from Kelly's. What a sweet and poignant post. How wonderful are your memories. That is a gift.

  7. A lovely, thoughtful post and such wonderful memories. Blessings!


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