Saturday, October 15, 2011

.Wrapped In Love.

Have you ever felt love for a person you've never met? Well my little niece Ashanti Rose is not even born yet and I cannot wait to see her sweet little face! She will bless this world in November. I am making her a blanket. I love the name of the fabric, "Just Stay Little." I hope she'll cherish it. I will cherish the memory of making it for her. Searching for just the right fabric, just the right thread to add just the right accent. All for this little angel that has not entered the world quite yet. I hope she'll drag it around 'till it's threads start to wear out!  I hope the love that went into making it will warm her when she wraps it around her teeny little self.



Sewing with Love



  1. awh - this is so happy! Thank you for sharing your joy with us at Three!

  2. The blanket (and the sentiment) are beautiful Christian! I love you new niece's name.

  3. what a beautiful and sweet thing you're doing.It's such a precious gift. so beautifully presented in your photos...

  4. I like your perspective on this.

  5. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
    This blanket is absolutely adorable!!!!
    Quite a lot of work involved! She'll cherish it forever!


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