Monday, September 12, 2011


We weren't intending to go for a walk. We were on our way back from the store, but decided to stop anyway. I'm so glad we did. We saw a lot of beautiful things and it was very peaceful. Touching the sweet horses soft velvety noses made me want to get a job at the stables! Looking into their eyes, you could feel their sweet spirit.

Window to her soul.

Hanging around

A Boy and His Horse.


My Heart.

EARTH WONDERS by anaeugenio

I'm participating in Earth Wonders Wednesday Photo challenge over at
This week's theme is "Light!"


  1. These are such beautiful photographs Christian!
    I truly think that horses are one of the most gentle creatures, and you have captured that in these images. So beautifully done.

    Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  2. These are so lovely, Christian! Gorgeous light and tones. Your horse shots reflect their beauty so wonderfully.

  3. AMAZING shots of their eyes. I am an 'eye' person! GREAT JOB! I think some of my good pics are when I was least expecting to take them.

  4. Super, just super! What a great documentation of a walk.

  5. WOW - these photos are amazing - those eyes really look into their soul.

  6. Gorgeous pictures, I like the mood of them:)

  7. Wowza. These are just BEAUTIFUL. I'm so glad you went on this walk. I adore your horse shots, I have such a facination w/ them. Such powerful sweet creatures!

    Thank you SO much for your kind comment! Yes, I surely did take those Sink shots of my cutie pie. It's pretty easy when he's so full of character!

  8. I love horses :) they're so gentle. and you capture their magic beautifully. I'm glad you stopped on the way and shared this wonders with us. thank you for joining 'Earth Wonders' :) welcome! have a great Thursday. xo

  9. Your pictures are so beautiful!

  10. Awesome shots! I love the black and whites, I kinda with I worked at a stable!

  11. These are beautiful images, perfectly depicting the "light" theme!


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