Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things Aren't Always As They Seem.

In my neighborhood, I've on several occasion seen the most beautiful flock of wild green parrots. They hang out on the telephone wires and in ventilation holes in the side of an old bank. They are awesome. The make the coolest squawking sounds too. Unfortunately, I am always driving when I see them and can never snap a picture!

So the other morning while I was dreamily drinking my coffee and watching the news and convincing myself to get the heck up and shower when I heard the familiar squawking call!! I jumped up and looked out my door to see a bunch perched on the telephone wires. Right there!!! I grabbed my camera and ran to the door. Mind you I have horrible vision. I started snapping away and could barely zoom in enough. As I did, much to my chagrin, I see these are PIGEONS!! The parrots were long gone.  All I could do was crack up at myself.

Never-the-less I found these pigeons to still be beautiful sitting up there in the hazy morning. Even if they weren't beautiful green parrots. For one fleeting moment, I was taking pictures of parrots!

Birds on a Wire.

Birds on a Wire


  1. Hehe...That was a cute story...I enjoyed it and got a chuckle out of it...Thanks for the continued smiles...:)

  2. those are great shots! i pretty much get all pigeons around here. i can't even imagine seeing a wild green parrot :)

  3. That would lovely shot with green parrots but this is almost as great. These shots reminds me of stave, you know how there is notes:)
    Have a great weekend


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