Saturday, September 3, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect. Almost.

I am making my ever so cute nephew, Asher, a blankie. I just love the bright contrasting colors. I love the little rockets and robots so much!

No matter how many things I sew, I always make a mistake. It's gets frustrating, but then I think more about it.  This is a homemade blanket, one that comes from my heart. I picked out the fabric with him in mind. Stitched it together picturing him wrapped in it watching Saturday cartoons. I hope that when he wraps it around his tiny self that it will remind him of his auntie. He's not looking for mistakes or imperfect lines or uneven stitches. He, I hope, will know it was made with a heart full of love for him. It was made just for him. A one of a kind blankie for a one of a kind boy.

Asher's Blanket (3 of 6)

Asher's Blanket (4 of 6)

Asher's Blanket (1 of 6)

Asher's Blanket (5 of 6)
Oopsie ;) I will have to do a patch job!


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  1. 1. ur SEW much better at sewing than I am (1.5 I'm a dork)

    2. ADORABLE blanket for an adorable boy

    3. I absolutely love this post!

    4. ♥

  2. Well, that is just the cutest thing ever...and he will definitely not see any "oops" in the blankie. He will only think how special he is to have a one-of-a-kind made with love.

  3. girl... you are so talented ♥ and i'm sure the best auntie EVER!!

  4. I'd seen the blanket over on Flickr and I love it! It looks so cute and adorable and perfect for the little fellow there :)

  5. He will treasure it - I'm sure! I finished my first quilt recently - it was for my toddler. Now that it is laying on his bed I don't see the mistakes and crooked lines but instead see a something that keeps the one I love cozy. :)

  6. Love the pattern! There is nothing better but a homemade present. I'm sure he or his parents will treasure it for years. I just picked up some fabric for a pillow and blanket case for my little one. Or actually, he picked it:)


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