Thursday, September 29, 2011

One year of smiles.

Today, I feel lucky. Lucky because I get to call this boy my nephew. Lucky because he is full of light and joy. He is one year old today. He has been through more in his short life than most of us will ever have to go through. He was born with a fractured arm and since his birth he's had to undergo two unrelated surgeries for other health reasons. Thank God he is healthy though and has parents with enormous love for him and tons of people who love him too, including me.  To know him, you would never know he's had these experiences. We could learn a lot from this young person. He is full of belly laughter, enormous smiles and hugs. He reaches his tiny arms up as high as he can to you so you'll grab him up! He plays chase, crawling as fast as he can on his hands and knees and giggles the biggest giggle when you jump out around the corner. He tackles you and roars in delight that he "gotcha!" I love hearing him babble to himself in his own language. One of his favorite games is the "dinner wave," when everyone reaches up and cheers and he copies and cracks up. He just wants to be with his family and he his happy.

This sweet boy has filled this last year with pure joy. I am lucky.

Little Sleeping Angel

SH 9-4 (1 of 1)-3


  1. Oh my goodness! What a precious face! Lovely photos!

  2. how precious! what a beautiful smile and lovely eyes. Wonderful images...

  3. Oh my - he is such a cutie!!!!

  4. he just adorable! what a smile.

  5. he is adorable!! and there is so much love in your words. made me smile of happiness :) I'm glad you have such a beautiful sunshine in your life. xoxo


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