Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Little Buddy.

I do not live an a rural area....at all. I live in a city. I love my city, but it can be grungy and crowded and full of pot holes. At least it's close to the beach and is full of neighborhoods with lots of character.

That being said, I still get my fair share of "wildlife." While some might call them nuisances.... I call them beautiful. It hear lots of beautiful singing by all the birdies...yes the wild parrots too. I have a family of skunks that visit me. If you can get past the "skunky" part of them, the are so adorable!!! The way they waddle around is irresistible. To me anyway. My cats just sit at the screen door and watch them, the opossum and the neighborhood cats wander by.

The other day I heard the strangest sound outside my window and looked out and saw a squirrel in the tree just outside. I think he was trying to be tough to the neighbor's dog, switching his tail all about. I grabbed my camera to see if he'd stick around long enough to get a picture. Turns out he was a HAM.

I love my city friends! Just another reminder for me to keep my eyes open.


  1. So adorable! Call him Hamilton... Love your blogs as always!

  2. Super special shots! You were so quick to get him before he ran up the tree like ours do!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment!

  3. He really does look like he's posing for you, especially in that first shot with his little paws placed just so.

  4. These are wonderful Christian!
    I think he was posing for you :-)

  5. I love them as well! I think they are very cute and it's interesting how close they like to get to people.

  6. How cute...love when they sprawl their little bodies full out on a tree limb. Enjoy your neighborhood friends.


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